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Project Slipgate






Bryant (Gunrock) and Kevin (Solution) Robinson

Dates: 2001, updated on Nov 08, 2004 and Dec 08, 2006 

Version: 1.2 (Gold Edition)

Mode: SP
Game: Doom2  (map01 - 11)

Requires: ZDOOM port

(I used GZDOOM)

Reviewer: Jive

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From the author:

11 detailed levels made specifically for ZDoom. Includes scripting, ambient sounds, and various other zdoom effects. I highly recommend GZDoom to get the most of these single player missions. 

Additional Credits to   : Marc (fanatic) Pullen for the quake graphics.

The Story:

There is no written story.


My Review:

Played, revised and reviewed on February 07, 2007

Resume of what I made on the version dated 2001, and updated on Nov 08, 2004:
- I have added 2 high res skies made by me, in the same spirit than the ones used by the Robinson's bro (they were taken from Doom2 and Hell Revealed).
- I made my own flat to display for the screen at the end (the one chosen by default was absolutely not correct because the font was more or less melted with the background)

Review for the version updated on November 08, 2004:

- Map01: Interesting use of the textures coming from Quake, but the monsters are VERY easy to defeat and the gameplay is done for very newbies. To make a script advising that you have to shoot the little red buttons for discovering the secrets is simply strange ("shoot the target to find secrets"), more especially as those secrets are VERY hard to discover. For one of them, you have to shoot on a wall... The red buttons are for nothing here!!! I was able to discover 2 on 3. The third one will stay unknown...
- Map02: and suddenly becomes the VERY hard game. Monsters are particularly hard to kill because they are placed on opposite sides of the rooms: when you are shooting on the left, the monster from the right is shooting you, and when you know that it's a chaingunner... I died many times, and I began to be a bit nervous... My progression was so ridiculous that I didn't have time to save my game, and I had to start again from the beginning several times, which is not good for my nerves...
- Map03: here again, I wasn't able to find the 2 secrets, but one. The gameplay is better, but the progression is without surprise, with long corridors and boxes everywhere. None has another purpose than to fill the space... The details of the architecture are very well done, thus they are not numerous. But I won't be critical, and I am quite happy with this map. As always, the lights are well rendered: they are coloring the space with their own color, and it's nicely done. Rocketters, chaingunners, hell knights, demons, soldiers, etc... They are greatly placed, and you'll have to be careful. None will come in your back and there is no surprise, but you have really the feeling that they are here to stop your progression, which is a good idea, instead of trying to kill you while coming from everywhere or by surprise.
- Map04: Very nicely architectured, but I disliked to have to come back at the beginning to activate something, then to come back at the opposite side fro another activation, then to come back again. The monsters are not numerous, and this map is quite easy again. That said, I passed 45 minutes on it, which means that my legs are tired by such a travel...
- Map05: it's a very good surprise. Here, all has its purpose, and the end is a time countdown. You have 15s to find the exit, otherwise you are burned with the napalm put to destroy the whole basis. The decision to put a sphere of invulnerability is killing the gameplay: 2 shots with the BFG, and bye bye the cyberdemon... It would have been better to remove this thing.
- Map06: you go from one point to another, through a sort of canyon. That's it. You want more comments from me? Hey, I want more fun from this map, but there wasn't more...
- Map07: quite easy, well architectured but, like usually, without useful details. The part throughout the river of acid  is boring (hey, this acid won't hurt you, which is fine, but it would have been better to use the texture of the water, or of the blood...)
- Map08: Nothing special to comment here. It's a good map, and I had fun with it, thus I found it far too much easy. And here again, I wasn't able to find more than 2 secrets on 3.
The secrets are definitely too much hard to find!!!
- Map09 and Map10 are very well done, and the architecture is darn fine!!!
- Map11 was also a good surprise, even if the spidermastermind is very easy to kill, like all the boss in the wads made by Gunrock. And the way to end is also pleasant, but I won't reveal it.

- Gameplay: 7/10
- Architecture: 8/10
- Difficulty: 5/10 for the good players, 10/10 for the beginners
- Balance health/monsters: 9/10
- Balance ammos/monsters: 9/10
- Use of the Zdoom features = 6/10

- Final note: 7/10

Version Updated by Gunrock on Dec 2006 (The Special Edition): Most of the bad points have been corrected
- Gameplay: 9/10
- Architecture: 10/10
- Difficulty: 9/10
- Balance health/monsters: 9/10
- Balance ammos/monsters: 9/10
- Use of the Zdoom features = 6/10

- Final note: 8.7/10

This Edition is definitely better than the previous one, and the gameplay is no more for beginners, oh no!!!
I won't give a 9 because of the poor use of the Zdoom features, and some wrong decisions, like the fact to have chosen the texture of the acid for the rivers of the map07, thus it is not hurting you, apart the fact that it's boring!! Same thing for the Map06, quite boring with its rare monsters here and there.
The architecture is damn perfect!!!

Jive, Manaus (Amazonia), Feb 07, 2007















































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