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Flashback to hell!

for doom 2!






Reviewed by:

Blue Paladin


Title : DOOM 2 - Flashback to Hell
Filename : FTH666.WAD
Release date : January 25, 2014
Author : Stormwalker a.k.a. Vordakk
Email Address :

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Description : A 15-level mapset for DOOM 2 that is compatible
with the "-complevel 9" setting. Features new
music by PRIMEVAL and James Paddock, as well as
high-quality redone sound effects by Per Kristian
Risvik. If the new music tracks are buggy in
ZDOOM while using FMOD, updating to the latest
non-official revision might fix the problem. I
recommend using Fluidsynth, though.

Each level of this wad has been balanced for
pistol-start play. In addition, this mapset has
been specially balanced to allow for co-op play,
using 2-4 players. In co-operative play, the
maps will be teeming with LOTS more monsters than
in single-player, but ammo and health pickups
will be increased as well.

PrBoom-Plus users will see a new set of demos.
Please do not use freelook, crouch, or jump.
These features will either break the levels or
will lessen the old-school feel.


Flashback to Hell





















Flashback to Hell  (FTH666.WAD)  by Stormwalker



DESCRIPTION:       A 15 level mod of Doom 2. 


DESIGN:                   9 out of 10


DIFFICULTY:         Adaptive.  Has Co-op as well.


REPLAY                 once you've played it, you've seen it all. Still fun tho. 

                                7   out of 10


MY EXPERIENCE:   It's a nice howdy-do to the traditional Doom 2.  In fact, the levels are VERY similar to original levels like 'Underhalls', 'Dead Simple', and 'O of Destruction!'.  Design work is clean, plenty of places to duck behind, plenty of sniper points to get snuffed from.  One room had a Cybie and a shit-load of Barons....NOT nice.  If you play this on Co-op, get ready to be OVERRUN.  You will have plenty of ammo to handle it tho. 

            There is a good balance of baddies and ammo, a good set of secrets to find, and tons of map to explore.  The castle level was my fave (see pic).  All in all, good Dooming so check it out.












































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