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As I clicked through the menu options to load into my first doom mod level, I was excited and ready to rain down a bullet storm on whatever demon spawn was going to get in my way. However, with only my fists and a handful of bullets, I instantly was killed by a Cyberdemon. Moments later my excitement turned to panic and my heart began racing from hearing the screeching sounds coming from the cyberdemon as I tried to figure out how to survive the encounter. That, in a nutshell is, what CyberDream is all about. The team behind this mod has done something that I (so far) have not seen before. Instead of killing everything on-screen and making a bloody mess of everything, you have to be quick on your feet and solve the level's puzzle in order to reach the exit.

Level Design
With a whopping 32 levels to go through this mod will not disappoint. I have only gotten half way through and have been having a blast. I want to point out that after a few levels there are maps that allow you to collect health and armor but the catch is that you still have to avoid Cyberdemons !! Every level also presents itself with its own unique challenges and level design is very clean. I had no issues with clipping or a switch not work on me.

Like I mentioned earlier, I was expecting to kill mobs of monsters, but instead I was in for a ride which was a welcoming surprise. You have to strife, dodge, crouch, jump, and sometimes use your environment to hide. It was so exciting and adrenaline inducing that this may be one of my favorite mods (up there with Brutal Doom).

The music that is used is what we all know and love. The default doom tracks, but who's to say you cant just add your own. In fact, I listened to some of my favorite youtube tracks while playing.

Heck yeah, I invited a few of my friends over and we had a good time. What we did is challenge each other to see who could get the fastest time and loser had to do 10 push-ups.

This mod will not disappoint! It is well designed, has plenty of levels, and is a totally new spin on the classic shooter. Give it a shot and you will see what I am talking about. Happy Dooming!!





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