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Title : Vispire
Filename : VISPIRE.WAD
Release Date : 03/21/16
Game : Doom 2
Engine Requirement : none
Author : Michael Jan Krizik (valkiriforce)
Email Address :
Misc Author Info : Old school doomer.
Description : A collection of fast, fun old-school maps with varying difficulty levels.
Tools used : Doom Builder, XWE, MS Paint
Known Bugs : none
Other wads by author : MAP13 & MAP30 PC_CP, MAP22 PRCP, Marine's Folly w/Mr. Chris, Doom Core, Reverie, Eternally Yours, MAP06, MAP11, MAP18, MAP23 & MAP32 of Interception, MAP04 & MAP05 Oct11.wad, and some maps for a couple TNT projects and Back To Saturn X.
Credits : Id Software for Doom II and all that.
Build Time : Roughly 17/18 days or so...unless you account for the fact that this took years to get out there.
Big thanks to : Id Software, Csabo for XWE, the guys who worked on DB2, all playtesters.
*Play Information*

Level# : 1-17
Single Player : yes
Co-op : yes
deathmatch : yes
new gfx : yes
new sfx : no
new music : sorta
Dehacked/BEX Patch : no

=Map Listing=

MAP01: The Darkest Night
MAP02: Rescue Mission
MAP03: The Song Of Yesterday
MAP04: Ruined Refuge
MAP05: Essence Of Chaos
MAP06: Juniper's Sorrow
MAP07: Entrenched
MAP08: Destination Zenith
MAP09: No Man's Game
MAP10: Absolute Zero Ground
MAP11: Hollow's End
MAP12: In Ruins
MAP13: Seaside
MAP14: Key To Ignition
MAP15: Kalamatos Islands
MAP16: Island of Patmos
MAP17: Ocean of Confusion


Thanks to TeamTNS for arranging to play this WAD on Thursday Night Survival and Keyboard_Doomer for inviting me
for the occasion. :) Also thanks to everybody who joined in on the fun (Eris Falling, AnimaZero, memfis, etc.)

Thanks to plums, gaspe, EffinghamHuffnagel and rhinoduck for feedback on errors and testing and Ribbiks for that

*Wad description/History*

Just some speedmaps I threw together mostly over the course of 10 days in 2013 - I decided to add a few more
levels at a later point by making maps 13-17.

The first-half of episode 1 is largely red-brick themed, whereas the second half is mostly green bricks. Episode
2 is otherwise mostly an oceanic/rock-themed episode (despite MAP14 borrowing a bit from base textures). I added
some deathmatch playability to these levels some time later, but as to whether it plays well or not I wouldn't
know, considering I'm not much of a regular when it comes to playing deathmatch. Still, I enjoyed creating all-
new areas just for the sake of being able to play these levels on deathmatch.

If you don't want too much of a challenge and are just looking to have fun and play around, try it on I'm too
young to die/Hey not too rough. Otherwise if you'd like to turn up the heat a little try Hurt me plenty or
Ultra-violence for a greater challenge...

Also, this wasn't built with jumping in mind; so it may be possible to get stuck in pits or exit a level early.

MAP01: The Darkest Night
Created on May 23rd, 2013. Just a simple start-up map that I was inspired to make when recalling someone looking
for a certain WAD that nobody could find, but the description they gave sort of gave me a vision for a new level
(even though I still don't know what the WAD itself was...). I later added a deathmatch section just for the fun
of it - it's basically the same level edited for deathmatch purposes.

MAP02: Rescue Mission
Created on May 23rd, 2013. Made this just after making the first map - I'm not too satisfied with that opening
area - it was overflowing with enemies but I found that just kind of bogged things down a bit, so I thought to
downplay that area in favor of just getting things moving into the second area. Not much comes to mind in terms
of inspiration other than just throwing together a closed-quarters area somewhat inspired from the likes of
Hell revealed (though not nearly as difficult...). There's a teleporter secret where you can blast a voodoo
player to telefrag a Cyberdemon - sure, it makes the level much easier, but I had the idea that this "rescue
mission" was either you saving your voodoo from being inclosed in a secret area, or the voodoo sparing you from
fighting this cyber in a closed space. Either way, it was just a fun concept I wanted to play around with. This
one also has a unique deathmatch area of it's own that I added years later.

MAP03: The Song of Yesterday
Created on May 24th, 2013. I think I was partially inspired from Icarus MAP32 for this one, but with more height
variation and additional areas. I quite like how this one came out...also added deathmatch playability to this
one much later.

MAP04: Ruined Refuge
Created on May 25th, 2013. All I can think to say about this one is I just kind of went with whatever came to
mind since at this point I was on a roll of creating a level a day. It was fun building the eastern sections as
well as making a deathmatch copy of it at a much later point.

MAP05: Essence of Chaos
Created on May26th, 2013. A fun little circular area with some dangerous ledges full of enemies. Deathmatch area
was partially inspired from one of my favorite maps in the original Perfect Dark (the north/northeastern areas
might look familiar...).

MAP06: Juniper's Sorrow
Created on May 27th, 2013. Although most of these maps were created within a day, I did go back and make some
additional changes to certain areas such as the western teleport section by adding an area that leads to the
lift which takes you to the main battle arena (it was a little too hectic starting out with everyone staring at
you). Otherwise, I believe that boat area was somewhat inspired from AV's visible boat. Deathmatch area was also
a later addition.

MAP07: Entrenched
Created on May 28th, 2013. Simple idea inspired from the original MAP07 concept - nothing much more to say about
it...yet again the DM area is a copy of the level refitted for the appropriate amount of navigation.

MAP08: Destination Zenith
Created on May 29th, 2013. Rather surprised this one came together so fast - I'm quite satisfied with this one,
as well. Love how the starting area came out with the bridges leading to available Plasma Rifles - I felt part-
icularly inspired for this map. Added DM starts to the level itself so I'm uncertain if it'll play well or not.

MAP09: No Man's Game
Created on May 30th, 2013. I definitely remember being inspired from HR2's MAP09, so I wanted to try my hand at
a similar concept. Although I'll admit it probably isn't as well built considering the amout of infighting that
is available. I did kinda enjoy playing it in deathmatch, though...

MAP10: Absolute Zero Ground
Created on May 31st, 2013. Inspired from AV's Toxic Touch, but on a smaller scale. Deathmatch starts added just
for the heck of it.

MAP11: Hollow's End
Created on June 1st, 2013. Yet again just a few areas stringed together just out of pure imagination. Added DM
starts yet again for the sake of it.

MAP12: In Ruins
Created on June 1st, 2013. Made this just after the other one, this time in a difficult slaughter context.
Should be fine for deathmatching, too.

MAP13: Seaside
Created this one over the course of a few days in February 2015 (Feb. 24th-26th), apparently. I worked on it on
and off during that time, and it had been a long while since I'd last made a Doom map, but I was suddenly
inspired to make one despite procrastinating a little with it over that time. Just wanted to play around with
an oceanic map with multiple floors below - it's done with teleporters in a silly sort of way, but oh well.
There's only so much you can put into a Doom map. I quite enjoyed making the deathmatch area for this one, too.

MAP14: Key To Ignition
Created on January 15th, 2016. After hearing about John Romero's new map after 21 (22?) years and trying it out,
I felt inspired again to make another map for this. Visually, I could see a metal tower with lifts in my mind,
so I decided to play around with that as a concept. Deathmatch area added later, again.

MAP15: Kalamatos Islands
Created the starting area on July 29th of last year before losing interesting and moving onto something else. I
later came back and completed it on February 4th, 2016. Have a rather odd setup for a Cyberdemon fight atop a
floating space above the lava - I know it's not exactly the most ideal setup for a cyber fight, but I tend to
just flow with the visions I have for my maps - no matter how ludicrous. Anyway, I quite like the design, other-
wise. Added deathmatch starts again, only I find the computer bots (since I can only go so far as to testing
it in Skulltag) tend to love running off the main platform and fighting it out on the ocean waters...oh well.

MAP16: Island of Patmos
Created between Feb. 29th and March 1st, because I started it in the later evening and finished it around
2 A.M. or so. This was actually the original idea behind Kalamatos Islands, but I went for something else
with that one instead and created this map much later, obviously. I was somewhat inspired from Thy Flesh
Consumed for that northernmost area and maybe a little bit of Corporate Hell for that techbase area. Added
deathmatch area later on.

MAP17: Ocean of Confusion
Created on March 11th (added deathmatch area later) I had a vision for a fortress-type map that mostly uses
stone textures. I was partially inspired from the work of the Casalis for this one. This one has an Icon of Sin
that doesn't actually shoot out enemies; I wanted to focus more on the surrounding conflict as well as having an
interesting little secret area that allows access into the Icon itself for a fun little setup. You can destroy it
the normal way or you can let the Cyber do the work for you. :)

Authors MAY NOT use any of these levels as a base to build additional levels.

You MAY distribute this file, provided you include this text file, with no
modifications. You may distribute this file in any electronic format (BBS,
Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file intact.

*Doom II is copyright Id Software

Textures for this WAD were taken from:

-Doom II
-Final Doom
-Eternally Yours
-custom textures I made as well as others.

CITYSKY is from DOOMCITY.WAD and was created by Shamus Young - thanks to kuchitsu/memfis for the info. :)










Title                       : Vispire

Filename                : Vispire.wad

Release date           : 03.21.2016

Author                    : Michael Jan Krizik (valkiriforce)

Email Address        : 

DIFFICULTY: 9.2 (9.9 on Nitemare)     


DESIGN: 9.5 

TIME WASTED: 3 hours 

ENGINE USED: ZDoom 2.7.1 

LEVELS: Doom II: maps01-17


THE REVIEW: (By Blue Paladin)


          Brutal. Just brutal. Agonizing, um…did I say, brutal? Just checking.


          If you are a glutton for sadism and torture, this is made for you, my friend. This wad is a grueling, ugly, and 17 level trek through some frustratingly fun Doom gaming. The design is fierce and set up to turn you into a well toasted Swedish meatball in no time flat.

          You will have to deal with everything Doom has to offer, including taking a few pot shots at John Romero’s head on one level. There are ammo pockets everywhere, so this is not one of those kind of wads where conserving ammo is key; wail away at your discretion.

          Some maps are small, others are immense, some are just a one man wrecking show (you will die a LOT, trust me). But, it was a blast to just let my hair down, unload dozens of rockets into Cybies, Big Eyes, Bulls, EVRYTHING. I enjoyed the close, dark corridors, as I can corral baddies into them and unload tons of heavy ammo to process some meat.

          Design wise, nothing innovative, save for 3d bridges, and a football stadium, which was a new one to me. CyberDemons will make a number of appearances in this wad, and using the crossfire tactic will save your ass in those cases. You will be tossed into the hot seat right at map01 and it doesn’t let up. You will need to be carried to the final end level; it sucks in there, really.

          I stayed 75% dead most of the time, with a few breaks via a megasphere, or some well stashed medkits. But, it went to shit in the next room quickly. In one room, I screwed up and got mobbed by Hellknights and Barons; that REALLY sucked ass in lemon juice! But, fun!

          Overall, this is a well made wad with awesome, designed levels. In fact, these maps kind of reminded me of a retired mapping legend by the name of Cory Bankett. His KS levels were something to see. This wad is one for the collection, download it and set aside a few hours to die repeatedly, and have fun while doing it!









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