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Name:Eric W. Buck (A.K.A the Blue Paladin)
Place of Birth: Washington D.C. I'm the dude on the left wearing the white tux standing next to my dad.
DOB: Sept. 6th,1968

Livin' Where?: Dolton, Illinois
Age: 37 (as of September 2005)
Interests:  Dooming, PC Gaming (love Real TIme Strategies), Writing fiction, vintage gaming (own a 3DO FZ-10, 8 bit NES, Atari Flashback (want a 2600 tho), drawing and painting.
Hair: Black

EYES:  Brown
Facial hair: yeah, of couse!
Height: 6'7"
Weight: 235 pounds
Gf: Married to a woman named Melondy (see pix), no rug rats....yet.  But judging by the pix over there, I'd say that it won't be long now.... Heh, heh, heh.

School: Full Time at South Suburban Community College as a Fine Arts Major


Gaming experience:

I've been playing video games sine the ol' Pong days back in the 70's.  Grew up off of Frosted Flakes and Atari, with a slice of Johnny Quest on the side.  I was introduced to Doom while I was in the Marines back in '92.  A friend of mine had the Sega 32X and invited me to come over for some Coors Light and a fragging session (what better way is there to learn about Doom??).  I've been hooked on Doom ever since.  I've been mapping since 04.  Bob Larkin plugged me in to mapping and introduced me to his site.
I review maps for Bob periodically, school kinda slows me down tho.  


The Maddening
E of Chaos!
The Malediction
Cacophony of Silence


Hydroponics Center


(not found)
Shadows Descend


















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