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About the team and the project



Here is the team as it stands, we are always looking for more help so if you are interested please drop us a message on the forums.
Brent (Project founder, former project leader, object modeller, web design, coder, mapper)
GameHacKeR (Current project leader, mapper, texture artist)

Past Contributors:

Apz Feak (Texture Artist, Map Object Modeler, Item modeler, Monster/weapon Skinner)
Pablo_messier (Mapper)
Neurological_1 (Doom Reborn Soundtrack)
Stine (GFX Artist)
Gazz (PR Support)
Striderdm1 (Beta Tester)


The basic goal is to recreate the original Doom and Doom 2 in the idTech4 engine with all the engine eye candy ID Software has provided us with so we can recreate the game for a classic Doom player to remember and enjoy the memories of the classics in a modernized way, but keeping the old Doom spirit well in the game.
We hope that you enjoy playing Doom Reborn as much as we have enjoyed making it for you, Have Fun!


More screenies, info and downloads are





Before We Begin


     Before I begin, I want you to understand that at this moment, this is an incomplete project. How incomplete? Well, Knee Deep in the Dead (mapping wise) is finished. All 9 maps are there. The Shores of Hell have only 2 complete maps. Episode 3 - Inferno and Episode 4 - They Flesh Consumed do not have any maps as of yet. As for Doom 2 - Maps 1-7 and map 31 are complete. So they still have a ways to go. One other note that is important - they haven't implemented difficulty levels yet so it only has one - "I'm too young to die". Sorry, one other note - no ability to save yet. The download is it's own executable and installs and sets up an exe in your Doom3 folder to run the game. You will get a note about saves not being implemented yet, if you try. So ya, still a work in progress. lol





The Good


There is ALOT to like here. First off, the levels are absolutely true to the originals. Gorgeous. If you played the original Knee Deep in the Dead (and what are you doing here if you didn't then you are going to feel absolutely at home when you play these maps. Plus, you know, it uses the IDTECH4 engine so it looks incredible. E1M1 starts off slow (due to the "I'm too young to die" difficulty that the TC is set to for now), so, you get to spend a bit of time at first gathering your armor and admiring the layout without any interference from the badasses. Once you get into the 2nd room, then you get to start killing shit and the best part (for me at least) is that once you kill them, the bodies don't just disappear like they tend to do in modern games. They figured out a way to keep those dead bodies lying around so you can take some time to admire your handiwork. :-)

Also, because the maps are identical (or as close as you can get in this world), you will find all your secrets right where you found them in the original game and they seem to be triggered in much the same fashion.



The Bad


My biggest beef with this right now is that there is no way to save. So, if you happen to get interrupted or accidentally fuck up and die - well, you're screwed. Start over - although, you could use the console and idclev to jump back to your level but you would be back to a pistol start. Just something to keep in mind.

Imps, it seems, DO disappear after you kill them - something they are working on apparently. If you're interested in helping them out with this project, they're looking for some assistance.  Finally, for "the bad", there are no difficulty level settings, which I'm told won't happen until the project is pretty much completed, which is a damn shame. I didn't try it on Nightmare (and I didn't ask about it, but maybe that would make it more interesting difficulty wise. I'll have to try that out. Of course, if you get killed -  you start over.


I've included plenty of pics (as you can see) and I'm certain by now that you recognize the environment. Here's another.



Other Thoughts


I'm really impressed with what they have accomplished so far. From what I've read on the website, they are looking for a coder so that they can turn this in to it's own game, like Freedoom. Obviously, they have a long ways to go and I can tell that they really need more map creators to go to town on this beast so that they can get down to the nitty gritty of turning this into a full fledged total conversion. If you have skillz in that area, maybe they would be interested in hearing from you. I absolutely loved going back into Knee Deep in the Dead and kicking some hellish ass in an environment as rich as the Doom 3 engine can make it. I do wish difficulty levels were implemented but that's a minor point. If they can get this finished - when they get this finished, this could bring a whole new generation of Doomers into the fold who will see Doom the way it would have looked 22 years ago if the tech existed.





























































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