Awash in the blood of the dead

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Awash in the blood of the dead

Postby Sematary » Sun Jul 24, 2016 11:37 am

map id: ATSZXD2N

I did some cool stuff in this map. I hope you enjoy it. I think it came out really good.

in "Awash in the blood of the dead" I did two things which I thought were really cool. First was to start off with spawning the standard 12 creatures but on that initial spawn a random integer is set to a counter between 10 and 35. Their deaths in turn create a nonstop spawning of new creatures as long as there are less than 13 creatures on the map. What stops it is the randomized counter which, when reached, sends a signal that there are now more than 13 creatures in the map and that stops the spawning. Since it's completely random how many will show up after the initial 12, I thought it was a fun idea.

The 2nd idea in the map was to have the death of a creature spawn one of 6 possible other creatures in it's place. That actually worked out really well. There are, initially (of course) 12 creatures spawned after an event and when each one dies it sends a random integer to the integer function then it also sends out 1 signal to each of the six integer checkers and triggers the one that the random signal to the integer created.

The 3rd idea - simple one really, was that in one of the modules there is actually a drop down into a lower section (a large hole in the floor). I created a player blocking volume to fill the space and gave it a solid color closely resembling the environment around it so that it looks like it belongs and prevents the player from going through it. Basically it's a fake floor. The floor is removed on the death of a specific entity and then the player can continue. To ensure that no creatures are left when this entity is killed, I set it so that when it dies, all the other active AI's in the module also die.

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