Hellbound - a new map for Doom 4

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Hellbound - a new map for Doom 4

Postby Sematary » Fri Aug 05, 2016 7:57 pm

Just released a Doom snapmap called "Hellbound". I spent alot of time on this one, completely remaking a room so that it is what it wasn't - added lots of random gameplay, some hell modules and what I hope you will consider a kickass time. You will start off in a completely remade module. One of 3 random timers will start you off after you kill the first zombie you see then it's game on from there. You will get 90 seconds, 120 seconds or 180 seconds of blood splattering fun. Then, after getting into the blue skull key room you will be greeted by a tremendous fight that will open up the portal to Hell where you will be greeted by one of three randomly chosen wave events - how difficult it is depends on what the randomizer chooses. Keep on playing, it ain't over yet and no matter how many times you play this, you WILL NOT see the same gameplay twice. I hope you enjoy.
Map id: 8MHTZZFU

As always, feedback and upvotes are welcome. :-)
You can see a couple screenies on the FB page:

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