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Hellraiser TC for Doom2/Zdoom

Title shot from Hellraiser Total conversion for Doom2 and Zdoom


Goblin TC

Download the file here


Lost In Time


Legos Sprite Replacement


Teletubbies Sprite Replacement


Nazi Auferstehung


Action Doom!



Duke Nukem Level Conversion



Blood Total Conversion for Doom2


Big Freakin Monster Hunt for Doom2

Title shot from Big Freakin Monster Hunt for Doom2


Heretic TC for Doom2

Title shot from Heretic total conversion for Doom2


Duke Nukem TC for Doom2

Title shot from Duke Nukem total conversion for Doom2


Quake2 TC for Doom2

Screen shot from Quake 2 total conversion for Doom2


QuakeDoom for Doom2

Title shot from Quakedoom TC for Doom2


Chex TC for Doom2

Screen shot from Chex total conversion for Doom2

Chex2 TC for Doom2

Screen shot from Chex2 total conversion for Doom2

Pinochestein TC for Doom2/Legacy

Title shot from Pinochestein TC for Doom2 and Legacy

Doom3: Mr. Smiley Head's Safari

Title shot from Doom3: Mr. Smiley Head's Safari

Sillywar graphics conversion

Title shot from Sillywar Graphics Conversion

Doom64 Total Conversion for Jdoom/Doom2

Screenshot from Doom64 Total conversion for Doom2 andJdoom

Duum2 Total Conversion

Screenie from DUUM2 Super Total Conversion for Doom2

Final Fantasy Total Conversion

Screenie from Final Fantasy Total Conversion for Doom

Fist Full of Dollars TC for Doom2

Title shot from Fistful total conversion for doom2

Fallout Graphics conversion

Title shot from Fallout Graphics conversion for Doom2

Blakestone TC for Legacy

Title shot from Blakestone Total Conversion for Doom2 and Legacy

Tickdoom! Added 03/05/03

Screenshot from Tickdoom

Talosian Incident! Added 03/05/03

Screenshot from aliens Doom2

Aliens! Added 03/05/03

Screenshot from aliens Doom2

Mortal Kombat! Added 03/02/03

Screenshot from Mortal Kombat Doom2

RoboDOOM! Added 02/18/03

Screenshot from Robotech Doom

HACX! Added 01/15/03

Welcome to the Doom Wad Station Total Conversion Page! Tons of Doom and Doom2 total conversions for your playing pleasure!

Screenshot from HACX

Otakon! Added 04/24/01

Screenshot from Otakon partial conversion

Sirens! Added 04/10/01

Screenshot from Sirens Total Conversion for Zdoom/Doom2


Phoenix Weapons Conversion! Added 03/14/01

Screenshot from Doom2050 weapons and demons replacement

32 NEW levels, sounds, textures and more! S.T.R.A.I.N. for Doom2

Screenshot from S.T.R.A.I.N. For Doom2

Halflife TC! Added 12/14/00

Screenshot from Half-Life For Doom2


Hexenheretic graphics conversion

Screenshot from Hexenher.wad for zdoom/doom2

Insanity 2

Screenshot from Insanity2 total conversion for Doom2


Army of Darkness!

Screenshot from Army of Darkness total conversion


Goldeneye total conversion

Screenshot from James Bond - Goldeneye total conversion


Insanity TC - A Doom Wad Station Exclusive! Bob

Get it Here

Screenshot from Insanity Doom2 total conversion

BATMAN Doom is HERE!! Bob

Get it Here - for pc and mac Screenshot from Batman Doom total conversion

Like the Nintendo graphics replacement wad, Doomz98 does not provide new levels but I had a great time playing this in Doom_se. It stars the characters of anime' with new sounds, creatures and weapons. play any wad you want by adding it to the command line in the play.bat file that comes with the download. Bob

Click Here for screenshots and the download

Screenshot from Doomz98 graphics replacement wad

Here's a pretty cool graphics replacement wad - not a true TC since it doesn't include new levels but simply replaces graphics and sounds (like Simpson's Doom). The work is excellent and will work with Doom or Doom2 or you can add another wad to the batch file that runs this so you can add the graphics to your favorite wad(s). After the line in the .bat file that says dontrun.exe -file..... add your personal favorite wad just like you would normally in dos and have fun. Bob

Click Here for screenshots and the download

Screenshot from Nintendo graphics replacement wad

Check out this demo of the as yet unfinished Ghostbusters demo. A full 6 levels for you to scope out! Posted 5/25/00 Bob

Click Here for screenshots and downloadable demo

Hee's the link to their homepage (looks like 2004 was when it completed)

The finished product: Ghostbusters Doom 2 complete

Screenshot from Ghostbusters, a Doom2 total conversion

This file by Team Future is a work in progress that uses Zdoom for it's game engine. This promises to be one of the greatest tc's available when it's finished. Go to the screenshot page and check out some of the highlights from the level. There is also a link to the teams' website and a link to where you can download zdoom if you don't already have it. This is one you won't want to miss! Bob

Click Here for screenshots and downloadable demo

Screenshot from Doom3057, a Doom2 total conversion

This is as total (almost) a conversion as a wad can get. Zombies is based on the popular Dawn of the Dead and replaces everything. New monsters, new sprites, new weapons, sounds, everything. The only thing I could find wrong with the replacements was many of the creatures reverted to their original doom form when dying or on occasion when performing other tasks. Don't play this on Ultraviolence (unless you have a deathwish), you'll never make it. I played it on the easiest possible difficulty level and still had a hard time. These zombies want to kick your ass!! Bob

Click to download Here

Screenshot from zombies.wad, a Doom2 total conversion

I found this total conversion while surfing the net and just had to add it to this page. It's called Osiris. There are some familiar elements in this tc but many new ones as well. New sprites, new sounds and changes to many of the familiar characters. The levels are well designed and an interesting challenge. Take the time to check out this tc - it is well worth it. Added on April 15, 2000 p.s. - Only works with version 1.9 of Doom2. If you don't have that version, check my utilities page to get the upgrade patch. Bob

Click to download Here

Screenshot from Osiris.wad, a Doom2 total conversion

Here's a couple of pics for you. One from the original Doom and One from my dethwish mod. Click on the pic to d/l simpsons tc


Here is a DIFFERENT Simpsons conversion by a different author. Very cool stuff. Check it out!

Ultimate Simpsons! (not the original)

PA. High - The author created this incredible partial conversion using his highschool as the map. He left the monsters, sprites, etc... the same but it has a completely new set of textures that really rock! It came out very cool!! New sounds and music made this a really enjoyable wad - Ultra violence was virtually impossible, in fact, I gave up and went to a lower difficulty level, so good luck. Designed for Map01 of Doom2 I playtested it in Doom2 for Dos - Doom2 for Windows and Zdoom and only ran into problems with it in Dos where I received a visiplane error almost immediately. Slider reports that it probably won't run on a 486 but a low end pentium should be fine. I'm running a P2 400 mhz and of course, I had no problems. Good luck and be prepared to restart often - should make a great deathmatch level. Bob

Click Here


Aliens vs. Predator vs. Terminator. A unique mixture of original Doom2 and new textures and sprites with new sounds and new levels. This is a KILLER tc that you will want to own. I spent hours on it and have not given up but save your game often. Added Jan 29, 2000

Click Here

Wolfen Doom? If you liked Wolfenstein - you're gonna love this. Wolfenstein remade for Doom2, more levels than you can shake a hat at. Check out these pics then go to the authors page.

Click Here

Check out this Star Trek TC for Doom2 - very cool, you will be on the original Enterprise Ncc1701

Click Here

This IS Doom2 to the EXTREME - 32 NEW levels, new graphics, superpowered weapons, new weapons, laser sighting, new sounds and a whole lot more. Enjoy!!!


This is so big - I had to create a new page for the screenshots.

Click here to see the screenshots and download

You HAVE to check out this new tc by Birdman called BOOMTOWN

This puppy Rocks. Check out the screenshots then click on a pic to transport to his home page. This is one great TC

Check out this awesome Doom2 tc - Twilight Warrior Doom

This is a complete tc using Legacy Doom to enhance the whole game experience. Click on one of the pics to go their homepage and download this awesome TC




























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