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Demonic Dawn Labs,  for Doom2


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Advanced engine needed : GZDOOM
Primary purpose : Single play
Title : Demonic Dawn Labs
Filename : Demonic Dawn -
Release date : April 20202
Author : Clownslay


Description : A large, mostly open map with decent gameplay

I don't normally review "first" maps but this one was good enough that it was worth bothering with.....

Reviewer: Sematary

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This map was designed for GZDOOM with the following notes from the author:


This is my first Doom WAD so any and all feedback is welcome.

The demonic invasion from Hell has just begun on Earth.

You play as the last surviving security guard in a UAC lab facility in America. Your two options are fight, or die. Make it out of the facility alive to group with
other survivors and pray that HE comes back.

This WAD is for Doom 2 and is best played on Ultra-Violence with no freelook, crouching, or jumping. This map was tested on GZDoom only. As of right now there is
only one level but I intend on making more which will add to the Demonic Dawn series.

Thanks for playing and I hope you enjoy it!

And so it begins......






This is a fairly wide open map with lots of large areas. There is a decent amount of detail in the map but nothing that makes the design stand out. Some of the areas look fairly nice and offer some decent battles. Personally, I prefer more close quarters type maps over maps where you have room to roam but that's a personal preference and others may enjoy the the expansive rooms. I think newer players, especially, may enjoy the larger areas as there are a fair number of more difficult creatures in this map (play it on UV as the author recommends). Thanks to the expansiveness of most of the areas, you will have time to strafe and fire giving you an opportunity to not get killed constantly. If you are a Doom God (I am not), you may want to consider playing this on nightmare mode to give you the adrenaline rush and challenge which might otherwise be lacking for you. For newer/moderately decent players, UV should work just fine. I don't know if the author implemented difficulty settings anyway as they didn't use the standard text file tha tells you all that stuff. I did enjoy many of the design elements of this map - like jumping out of one window through another to get to a particular portion of the map. That was kind of cool. The area where you get the yellow key was fairly well done but I would have liked a tighter battle in that area.




I bet you can figure out what is going to happen in this room.....







This map got considerably more difficult as I approached scooping up the yellow key but on UV I didn't have too much difficulty with the battles (and there were plenty of those). The full range of bad asses made their appearance in this one - as you can tell from the pictures. Naturally their were plenty of former humans and former sargeants as well as former human commando's. I consider the former human commando's to be one of the more dangerous characters you will come across in this map as they are able to get you from a distance and are faster than some of the bigger badasses that also show up in this map like the Hell Knight and Baron of Hell. And, yes, there are a fair amount of both of those in this map but I honestly don't find them to be all that dangerous in an environment where you have plenty of space to strafe around them and keep firing till they die. There are also some Arachnotrons, Mancubus, Pain Elementals and even an Arch Vile. Unfortunately for the Arch Vile, he wasn't really placed in the map in such a way as to dole out any real pain in the way that we all know that he can. :-(   Again, for truly seasoned Doomers, you may want to play this on Nightmare to really get your blood flowing. For more mortals, it should be a reasonably difficult map and for people who fall into the middle of those two camps, it offers some decent fights and you may even die a couple or three times throughout the map. The author may have been better served, given the size of the rooms to have created more of an arena type fight for each area rather than allowing the player an "out" where they can go to a previous room and allow the creatures to have at each other. That would be great for higher level Doomers but this is perfect for those who don't have those skills.



Give this bad boy a wide birth, strafe and have at with the shottie



Enjoy the carnage you have wrought!





Final thoughts


For a first effort I really have to apply the author. Overall it was a good design with some decent battles. I felt that perhaps (at times) there was too much ammo available but the health seemed pretty well suited to the task at hand. In order to progress through one section of the map, you need to wade through some toxic sludge and the suit that protects you was oddly placed well away from where you entered it but it was a short toxic corridor and running at full speed left plenty of time on the suit so no biggie I guess.


Again, I don't feel that the openness of the rooms played well to the strengths of some of the creatures and honestly, it was just as easy to get them all riled up and let them go at each other then just clean up afterwards which is always a good strategic move anyway since you don't want to waste your ammo.



These fuckers are like mosquito's. Swat their asses away with your chaingun and move on, soldier!



Cacodemons are really almost never a real threat.

The Lost Souls pictured above can be far more dangerous, especially in close quarters



I REALLY wish the author had put this big boy to better use but he'll learn.






Too slow to be a real threat. Strafe and shoot baby!



 Ah, my old friend the chainsaw. Time to grind some meat and bones!





Not someone you want to meet in a dark alley but in a big room like

this, no problemmo as Arnie would say.

















































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