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Corrupted Fulfilment,  for Doom2


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Advanced engine needed  : GZDoom

Primary purpose         : Single player


Title                 : Corrupted Fulfilment Center

Filename              : DOOM_PRIME.wad

Release date          : 22-05-2020

Author                : jbledivelec

Email Address.        :

Other Files By Author : none

Misc. Author Info.    : I’m a Creative Director working in an advertising

                        agency based in Shanghai. Occasionally I release

                        “creative drops” (

                        For my drop #7 I wanted to make a Doom map.


Description           : This map was inspired by one of the biggest multinational

                       conglomerate technology company in the world. Working in

                       one of their warehouse is pretty much like working in hell

                       so it seemed quite fitting.


Additional Credits to :


                      Title Screen Artwork by Polish Art Director Dagny Rozniak.


                      Design style inspired by the amazing work from Viggles.


                       Sozeb Demon : Code: Eriance, Blue Shadow, MagicWazard, Ghastly Dragon (ZScript                             conversion)

                      GLDefs: Ghastly Dragon, Sandypaper (Brightmaps)

                      Sounds: Midway, Rogue Entertainment, Raven Software

                      Sprites: Id Software, Midway, Raven Software (Monster); Nintendo (Puff)

                      Sprite Edit: Eriance (Monster); MagicWazard (Puff)

                      Idea Base: Hellstorm Death Incarnate



* What is included *


New levels              : 1

Sounds                  : No

Music                   : No

Graphics                : Doom II

Dehacked/BEX Patch      : No

Demos                   : No

Other                   : No

Other files required    : None



* Play Information *


Game                    : DOOM2

Map #                   : MAP01

Reviewer: Sematary







This is a REALLY well crafted map. The design is excellent and plays well to the variety of creatures used throughout the map. While it could be sold on it's difficulty level (I played on UV), I don't think that Doom GODS will find this an extremely difficult map. I would put my skills somewhere in the pretty good range and except for certain portions that caught me off guard initially (use that save slot), I didn't have an especially difficult time with it. If your skills are n00b, just accept that you're probably fucked. If you are somewhere in the middle, it's a good fight.

It DOES start off slow but never fear, the action DOES pick up. :-)





The Design of the map is unquestionably the star here. It is a fairly impressive piece of work that really has you enjoying the view throughout the map. But, don't get caught up in the trappings too much because there are creatures lurking in dark places and if they get a glimpse of you, you had better be paying attention.










As noted, gameplay is not especially difficult, especially if you're a seasoned player, but there is a lot of action as the map progresses and the final battle is pretty intense. The Revenants definitely add a level of challenge that might not exist but if you choose your weapons wisely, you should be ok










Final thoughts















































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