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Doom the Way id Did - The Lost Episodes


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Primary purpose : Single play
Advanced engine needed : None for E1-E4; playing E5 and E6 ingame requires
either ZDoom or Eternity, though E5 is available
as a separate add-on (DTWID-E5.wad) for vanilla.
DTWID-LX.wad contains unmodified, original
versions of some maps, which may not be 100%
vanilla compatible, so be warned there.
Title : Doom the Way id Did - The Lost Episodes
Filename : DTWID-LE.WAD, DTWID-E5.wad, DTWID-LX.wad
Release date : 3/20/16
Version : 1.666
Author : Various
Email Address : xaser.88@gmail.com (compiler's address)

Description : Six episodes of classic Doom maps, originally
candidates for last year's "Doom the Way Id
Did", arranged in an episodic format.

DTWID was a long but fruitful journey, with
somewhere around a hundred map submissions in
total. Given the strictness of the rules, most
of the maps cut were not done so for reasons
of quality. On their own they're quite
solid maps, deserving their own showcase.
This collection, while not 100% complete,
contains the vast majority of submissions
to the project.

Episodes 1-3 are an alternate take on the
idea of Doom the Way Id Did, three sets of
maps arranged to mimic id's original episodic
styles. Several maps in these sets were
very close contenders to the main project,
excluded only because of withdrawals or
episode length limits. You may be hard-
pressed to find a difference in quality!

Episode 4 follows partially in the same vein,
with several maps that mimic the style of id's
"Thy Flesh Consumed" and hell-themed levels
filling out the rest of the roster.

Episode 5, "Base Instinct", is a "bonus"
episode of E1/E2-style maps, and can be thought
of as an alternate take on the Phobos / Deimos
story. The episode can be accessed in the main
game menu with either ZDoom or Eternity. For
vanilla or other ports, running DTWID-E5.wad
will load E5's maps in place of E1's.

Episode 6, "The Final Gate", is a ZEternity-
exclusive "Boss Rush" episode consisting of
E*M8 candidates. No separate wad is provided,
as MAPINFO is required to make the boss exits
work, though the individual maps are vanilla
compatible for those willing to put the maps
in the correct slots.

Additional Credits to : Project Founder:

"Lost Episode" organizer:
Xaser (the lazy barstid!)


40oz, Alfonzo, C3ON9, Captain Toenail,
Mr. Chris, Daimon, Doomhero85, Ellmo,
Foodles, Hellbent, Hobomaster, Mr. Freeze,
Matt534dog, Marcaek, Marnetmar, Megasphere,
MithranDenizen, NaturalTvventy,
Phobosdeimos1, Shadesmaster,
Taedium, UltimateLorenzo, XenoNemesis

Random Testing:
Esselfortium (v1 playtesting)
rhinoduck (tons o' fixes)
All the fine folk who played the wad on
ZDaemon TNS. Whoop!

* What is included *

New levels : 54 (6 episodes! Egad!)
Sounds : No
Music : No
Graphics : Yes
Dehacked/BEX Patch : Yes
Demos : Yes
Other : No
Other files required : None

* Play Information *

Game : Doom
Map # : E1M1-E6M9
Single Player : Designed for
Cooperative 2-4 Player : Hopefully so
Deathmatch 2-4 Player : Not tested
Other game styles : None
Difficulty Settings : Yes

* Construction *

Base : New from scratch
Build Time : Years in the making. Longer counting
Xaser's period of compile-idleness.
Editor(s) used : Various
May Not Run With... : Versions of Doom prior to 1.9









Download it here!


  Review by Blue Paladin

Note from Bob: This review by Blue is pretty bare bones but I think you'll get the idea. lol  Apparently he might have needed to take a break. lol


Title                       : Doom The Way ID Did: the Lost Episodes

Filename                : DTWID-LE.WAD, DTWID-E5.wad, DTWID-LX.wad

Release date           : 03.20.2016

Author                    : various mappers

Email Address        : xaser.88@gmail.com (compiler's address) 

DIFFICULTY: 8.2 (8.8 on Nitemare)      


DESIGN: 9.2 

TIME WASTED: 2 hours, 12 minutes 

ENGINE USED: ZDoom 2.7.1 

LEVELS: Six Complete episodes (read the included text file on how to play ALL of them.




          Oh, joy! Rapture! Old School Goodness revived!


          Based upon the original Ultimate Doom map motif, DTWID builds upon it, not losing the original flavor and look, to create challenging and immersive levels that are perfect for a Saturday morning romp-n-frag session. Each level is unique and not overly difficult to complete, but there are some cheap shots set up to catch you unaware, and often, low on health!

          You will have all that you need to survive yet another foray into the halls of Doom, with the traditional music, and better shading, I might add! The darker areas are very nicely done with fun hidey holes for Specters to lurk…


Not a lot of switches to find, but they ARE spaced out a bit, requiring time to find them and go between zones for the keys, and such.

          This wad is good for letting you THINK it’s all over, then catching you with a grand scale ambush. Hell of a situation when you’re below 30% health, but there are some powerups and, again, plenty of ammo to finish the job. I found myself fragged more than once, dragged down to 20 or 13% health, only to find health powerups if I survive the fray, which is cool.

          There are 8 levels of Ultimate Doom fun, lots of secrets to find, and just good all around nostalgic awesomness that only seasoned mappers can bestow. Aside from a few cut off textures here and there, I really didn’t see any problems with these maps at all. They’re smooth, well planned, and leads the Doomer to the next clue (key) pretty well. Enjoy it. N O W.












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