Classic WADs
Just some wads I've enjoyed at some point. The problem is, I probably forgot most of the wads I've liked- these are the ones I can still remember... just click on their names to download. Sorry about not providing an image with them, PLUS- When you download these you're actually leaching (is that the right phrase?) it from the idgames archive- I hope they don't mind :s
A very funky wad- theres an adrenalin rush quality to this wad, though its probably all from its fantastic midi replacement. In fact, if this wad didn't have the midi that it does, it wouldn't be as good. You go through sewers, train stations, and a high tech prison - before emerging out into the open. I remember finishing this wad wanting more... MORE!! also, it runs on Doom 1, not 2.
A bit ambient, and very nice. I love the animated sea waves braking on the shore. How do you do that in Doom anyway? That emerald tower is pretty cool too. I think theres also a Doom1 version, which actually has much better level 1 music. Why did the maker change the music for the Doom2 version?
The detail and graphics in this one is amazing for a wad. The maker modeled this wad from Trinity College, and it really does feel like you're there sort of thing. Is that college in America or England? Bah who cares. Its just a good detailed wad, okay?! Great title too, also note its for Doom1.
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A good long level. Its one of those levels that tries to mimick real life, with ports, houses, parks, graveyards and what have you. I love stuff like that. Good 'ol chunky furniture, blocky ships, rectagular tombstones... w00t! (as the kids say) Great level, a little hard at times - which is a good thing.
This wad takes the piss out of cliched stories that most wads (and games) seem to have. I was laughing my ass off while playing this wad. It was hilarious, to me at least. Is it meant to be funny? Don't know. The only downside is that it's rediculously hard. For some reason, I really REALLY love the last level. It's tiny and not even a real level, but I think it's amazingly beautiful- the view of space and the music. Good job Diver Dan ;)
32 maps made from nerds across the globe. When us nerds come together, global nerd power is just... so... so damn beautiful *sniff*. But yeah, the reason I'm putting it here really is 'cause I did map 24 of it. As a whole though, its quite good, pretty interesting, has a few little nice bits and pieces. Na just kidding it sucks balls except for my map. HA! na just kidding again- I am kidding of the kidding you see. It IS pretty good and interesting here and there. Give it a go. Face it. Do not be scared, I'm right here with you.