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Last updated: 6th July 2005
This here is a geocities site i've built up about the ancient easily-editable computer game Doom. Its mainly to store stuff ive made in Doom over the years. Yes, i've made lots of stuff for Doom. Okay... could you please stop laughing? Please? Okay I'm just going to wait...
this is very childish of you you know...
okay are you done? good.
So please feel free to download my stuff or hack the site or whatever you want to do.



This website is NOT the property of Doom Wad Station. The original Geocities site is gone. I will attempt to contact the original owner for permissions to leave the site online.

the WADS (levels)
The whole point of this page is to store my Doom2 wads, or for those who don't know- Doom2 mods. And, here they are. Note
you'd need Zdoom to run most of them (Okay, you don't NEED Zdoom, just an advanced Doom source port, but I think Zdoom is the best one out there) if anyone doesn't know what i'm talking, go to Doomworld.com (link below) and they'd explain it.
My Zdoom Stuff
The Zdoom section. If I were to make Zdoom wads, this is where I'd put it. I don't know if Zdoom wads would work for other Doom ports (like Legacy or Boom).
My trashcan
For all the wads that could've been but weren't, are in here. i.e all my stuff that i never finished for Doom. Oh what wonders could this trashcan hold!?!
Other People's WADS
A section to show some Doom wads that I've enjoyed throughout the years.
-Basically Doom Central, for the Old Doom and Doom2 games, that is. Not Doom3- No, not Doom3 (Well, a little Doom3)
-Get your Zdoom advanced Doom engine from here. If you haven't heared, since Id Software publicly released the code for Doom for free, people have been messing with it and have been creating advanced Doom engines out of the old code. Zdoom is one of those advaned engines. It means you can play Doom wads that have high numbers of sectors on the screen or high numbers of sprites. You can also have scripted events and such- which i haven't fiddled with... yet.
Theres even OpenGL Doom engines. Anyway, most you reading this probably already know all about that anyway so I better shut my noise hole.
-Ever been to hell?? It would probably look something like this site. It's Matt's. Matt is your average run-of-the-mill dude. He's 14, likes long walks on the beach, likes candle lit dinners. You can call him on a date on
1-800-DOOM-NERDS-AHOY! - or just visit his site.
The best way to tell me how much I suck, or how much my wads suck, is to sign my guestbook- which is right here:
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