Dark Canyon
To download the WADs, just click on their name. By the way, they're all for Doom2
Basically a (blocky) canyon. It isnt as big as i would've liked it since its bound by the old original Doom2 engine (damn those visplane crashes) I added a new background music. Give it a whirl.
Doom Lands
A 13 level piece of garbage. They're basically a bunch of wads I made at different times that I decided to stick together as one. Its way too easy. They're definitely not the WORST wads ever made, but I just find these pointless and not challenging or fun. Plus, I made them a long time ago.
The sequel to Doom2... DOOM2-2. You are thrown back in time, and must fight the whole demon invasion yet again.
The sequel to Doom2-2... DOOM2-2:2. You are thrown back in time, again, and must fight the whole demon invasion yet again, for the third time. Darn those time disruptions.
The most time consuming wad I've ever made. Took me about a year to make, and its only 13 levels. Its also one of my favourites that I've made, in that it's quite professionally done and the music is great. Well,  the music isn't actually fully mine, at all... I just added beats and stuff to others peoples music that I got. Level 1 music is a back-choir of an Enya song that has a beat to it, level 2 music is a little snippet of Chariot Of The Gods that I looped over and over and added some choir to it. I stole the music from Level 13 from a dead kid's web site. The kid (sorry, can't remember his name or find the site) who is now dead actually made that piece of music and he wanted that music to be played at his funeral if he died (which, coincidentally enough, he did) Its got that 80's movie fantasy about it, like something from a Stephen Spielberg movie, or from The Exploreres or something.
    Anyway, its a good wad, not perfect (as the monster placements can be very repetetive and boring at time) but the largest wad I've ever made by far.
JarJar's Last Pineapple Fritter
A strange wad indeed. It trys dearly to be funny but fails. I'm embarrased at some of the 'jokes' I put in (especially that 'secret' one at the beginning... yeesh) But there are some actually funny things in it, such as the new Girl mug in the player's statistics bar (or whatever you call it), the fake shark Imp and the MULLET POWER! powerup. The wad is rediculously short. I guess I didn't have the energy to make an actual playable wad out of this. The whole thing is a jokey mess.
A very beautiful wad indeed. Possibly the most beautiful wad I've ever made. Your in a dark world full of trees and a mystical red sky with gold stars above. I don't think you'd understand how much I love this piece of work. It's also not perfect- its a little too short, and the graveyard and ruins sort of don't really match the feel that I was going for, which was more of a magical whimsical quality rather than a dark spooky one. Still, its nice. And the music is great too (music which I made myself this time, which DIDN'T turn out crap for a change) Okay, Okay. I'll tell you the truth- thanks to all the trees the framerate is HORRIBLE. Just HORRIBLE. Sorry about that.
Grove: Alternate
For those of you who are angry at the HORRIBLE HORRIBLE framerate of regular Grove, Grove Alternate is a re-mixed version. No more horrible framerates. I took out some trees, added walls in places and there you have it. Offcourse, its not simpy a 'better' version of Grove, its just better for framerates. Grove is still visually better, in that adding walls in Grove Alteranate between places seemed to have taken out the ability to see other 'rooms' in the trees, which I loved. Also in the last room you can't see the bridge of Grove Central anymore. So its a small pay off for getting playable framerates. But, essentially its the same damn thing.
Weird story about this wad- when I finished making Equinox, having making it for a year, having spending long loney nights constructing the chunky wad, I finally finished it. 'Phew! Finally!' I thought. I was ready to give it to Doomworld.com to have it reviewed and such, but there was a problem. 'How the hell do you UPLOAD a wad to a server?', which is what one must do to have it reviewed by Doomworld.com. So, I found out I have to use a server program like LeapFTP to do so, and I have to upload it to a certain directory. I was a bit scared because I thought 'What if I upload it wrong? What if they ban me for doing something wrong? What if I upload it to the wrong place and trash my wad?' So I thought 'Hmmm... fine, I'll first make a small trial wad to upload and see if I do it right, and if I do, well then I'd just upload Equinox the same way'' And so, one night, I had a funny idea about putting a zillion monsters in one room.'Hahaha! Maaan that'll be cool to see' I thought. I remember laughing like a mad professor while making it (HAHA!!! I must add MORE MONSTERS!! MOORRREE!!) And so, I did just that. I finished this trial wad, called it Nuts.wad (because thats exactly what it is- a nutty wad)  and uploaded it.
       Fortunately, it got through. The trial was a success. 'Horray! My dumb trial wad uploaded right, now I can upload EQUINOX!!! HAHA!!) They reviewed Nuts.wad, saying how dumb it was, and that was that. A week later, after uploading Equinox, they reviewed it, saying it was pretty good and stuff, and forgot about it and that was that again. Whoopy. I then later on found out that Nuts.wad was one of the most downloaded wads in Doomworld, and developers of Doom ports where using it as a benchmark. Alot of people seemed to like it and it got somewhat popular amongst the nerdy Doom community. No one really cared for Equinox, only a few seemed to like it alot. I know I did. Its a shame, and also damn ironic, that the wad that was just meant to be a trial upload for my main wad became much more popular than the main wad itself. How crazy is that? 
      Anyway, about the wad: Its two rooms, with about 10,000+ monsters all up, and with a very fitting midi. Play it and be disappointed.
Nuts2.wad is basically just a joke of Nuts.wad. Its essentially the same level, but with little jokes here and there, poking fun at your average dopey Doom player. I love it.
Even though I'm quite anti-Dumb-Doom-Wad (i.e anti-Nuts.wad) I just couldn't help myself from creating an even nuttier vision that I had before- the player starting in the middle of an immense sea of monsters, which are in all directions around you. I just had to do it. I actually didn't have the whole  'Yeeeaahhh I'll just slap some crap together to make another Doom wad' mentality that I had with Nuts.wad, so you can see with this wad I actually took my time making it. I personally love this wad, just love it. In fact, whenver I play it, I usually turn off all the monsters in the wad (with the " -skill4 -nomonsters" command in the dos prompt) so I can just walk around without being hassled. I also love the music I made for this wad. I know it sounds egotistic to say you love your own work, but I do.
     The truth is that I only played this wad with monsters on once. Just once. Yes yes, I played with the monsters ON a dozen times just to see how it looks when you start, but I never dared play all the way through. It was only later on, after I uploaded it to Doomworld.com, after I officially finished it, that I did play with the monsters ON all the way through and realised how many bugs and mistakes there are. Alot of the Mancubi are stuck together and just stand there. The level is also god damn near impossible. I'm sorry for all that, it was never tested out. I never really made it with any monsters in mind. I concentrated with how it looks and sounds. Ah well.
Run darn you RUN!
An interesting concept- you must run like hell away from the Revenant's fire balls, and later on, dodge from the Cyberdemon's rockets, and then continue running away from the Revenant's fire balls some more. This wad is hard. I've never even gone close to finishing it myself. I'd love to see a recorded demo of this level, it'd be great... If anyone gives a darn.
The Lost Wads
I've made lots and lots of wads a long time ago, and I can't seem to find them. I think when I put in a new hard drive in my comp, I took out my old hard drive that contained my old wads. Wheres that old hard drive? It was a fine 80 meg peice of '94 technology. It's probably lost for the ages, the Lost Wads may never be found again. The hard drive might even be dead, so they'll be in heaven now. Sleep peacefully, my babies. God is played those wads now (and comenting on how crap they are)
Well thats about it.
Dark Canyon
Doom Lands
Run darn you RUN!
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Fatal Error Doom
No one can beat this wad!! The demon's have finally won!!